Announcing new Website

Hi Everyone!  This is my new website and I am very excited about it.  When you do something like this it forces you to look and see what you want to create and where you want to go.  It is a very stimulating and healthy experience.

Let me tell you a little about myself.  I have been in business of some kind or another since I got out of college and even before then when I began managing a small and successful company in Los Angeles.  I have always been driven to produce results.  You can ask my wife!  She will tell you that I love to work and am very determined when I get into something.  I don’t do anything lightly and I love challenges.  Before my family and I moved here I was a successful technology executive in Silicon Valley.  Before that I managed commercial real estate for an education company throughout the U.S.   I have accumulated a lot of experience in my life and at this time I apply it to residential, commercial and investment Real Estate.

I am an honest person.  What you see is what you get.  I can spot BS pretty easily and people can’t hide from honesty.  I love strategy, looking at the big picture and determining the best way to attack something.  I tend to look at things analytically and looking at our real estate markets and their trends.  Check out my Real Estate Market Trends section.  It is updated monthly.  If you want to drill down on something please contact me.

I think my business is fundamentally about Trust.  Often clients, customer and even Realtors themselves give too much credit to Realtors.  We can’t “sell” or convince you or anyone else of anything.  That isn’t our job and we can’t do it anyway.  Our job fundamentally is to develop a trust based relationship where you experience that I have your best interest at heart.  Everything else follows from there.  Our job also is to reveal things, take things out of the way so that they can be seen.  Let properties “speak for themselves” and when you do that well, they sell!

I am looking forward to doing business with you.  I can promise you that I will get the job done.  Nathan