Why Use Nathan?

Why use me to Buy or Sell a property?

Selling or buying property is a big deal and therefore choosing a Realtor to assist you is therefore very important. As a Broker I don’t take this level of responsibility lightly. I consider it an honor if you choose me.

If you are a Seller I recommend that you review my “Selling Services – Marketing Approach”. If you are a Buyer please review “Buying Services – Buying Process”.  Also review what prior clients have said. References are available on request.

The fundamental guide I use  is to treat my clients as if they are close family members, and them the way I would like to be treated.  It is also always about relationship and trust. “Trust” in this context means that you can trust that I am going to take a very high level of professional care of you and  I am going to meet or exceed your expectations.  In terms of “relationship”, my goal is to develop a long-term relationship that goes well beyond the current transaction so that I can always be of value to you.

In addition I promise to provide the following:

  • A strong focus on producing results. I learned early in my life that “you either have results or an excuse why you don’t”.
  • A high level of communication. (If anything I tend to over communicate..you can ask me to dial it down if you want!)
  • Complete and thorough work product.
  • Availability – I will be available to you any time or day.
  • Ensure you get the best deal possible.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

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